What People with Chronic Illness Can Teach about Facing Catastrophic Events

There is a Buddhist story in the book of Udana that tells us about a man’s journey to embrace the darkness in life. He states that “guarded and protected, I dwelt fearful, anxious, trembling, and afraid. But now, Sir, as as I resort to forest dwelling, to the roots of trees, to lonely spots, thoughContinue reading “What People with Chronic Illness Can Teach about Facing Catastrophic Events”

Stop a Bug Cold in One Easy Step by Lynsie Buteyn

Originally posted on Bridges to Empowerment:
It is getting to be the time of year when viruses spread faster than good cheer. When you have a chronic illness, a virus can easily land you in the hospital for months or worse… while the relatively healthy are able to roam about, spreading their infection everywhere they…

Why We can’t Turn Away From Reality

“The first step in the interior life…is unlearning our wrong ways of seeing, tasting, feeling, and so forth, and acquire a few of the right ones. Renunciation is not an end in itself. It helps us to use things better. It helps us to give them away. If reality revolts us, if we merely turnContinue reading “Why We can’t Turn Away From Reality”