Why choice in healthcare is decreasing

As it stands now, the government pays a private insurance company for your healthcare if you are on medicaid. Private health insurance companies are therefore growing from expanded medicaid programs. Many are increasing profits at higher rates than expected. This is allowing big insurance companies to buy out smaller companies, and this is where yourContinue reading “Why choice in healthcare is decreasing”

Choosing Joy

Today I want to share a healing note card that a seriously ill patient made in the Healing Notes Outreach Program. Each card has a place for patients to share their story or any other information that they would like to share with the patient who receives the card. Look what this patient shared: An amazing lessonContinue reading “Choosing Joy”

Healing Notes Outreach Program Update

Several years ago I laid in a hospital bed knowing that patients needed more inspiration and connection with others that had experienced similar struggles than they needed flowers or other gifts. Today my dream of having a way to say something meaningful during difficult times came to fruition. Bridges to Patient Empowerment started the HealingContinue reading “Healing Notes Outreach Program Update”

Should Children Be Able To Refuse Medical Treatment? By Lynsie Buteyn

The internet has lit up with a story about a five year old girl, Julianna Snow, who has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a neurodegenerative illness. At this point in her illness, doctors say that a simple cold could likely mean that she would spend the rest of her life sedated and on a vent––if she can beContinue reading “Should Children Be Able To Refuse Medical Treatment? By Lynsie Buteyn”

Stop a Bug Cold in One Easy Step by Lynsie Buteyn

It is getting to be the time of year when viruses spread faster than good cheer. When you have a chronic illness, a virus can easily land you in the hospital for months or worse… while the relatively healthy are able to roam about, spreading their infection everywhere they go. If the relatively healthy won’tContinue reading “Stop a Bug Cold in One Easy Step by Lynsie Buteyn”

Detriments to Care Collaboration

When chronically ill, you need a care team that is interdisciplinary and works together. However, getting this is no small feat. Some of the blockades found by Zwarentein and colleagues are as follows: Having respect for other disciplines Believing in the need to collaborate rather than total autonomy A leader of the team Time thatContinue reading “Detriments to Care Collaboration”

Doctor’s survey of Health Insurance Companies

    Health insurance does not just affect the lives of patients, but it affects physician’s lives as well. An informed patient will understand the ways in which insurance affects their physicians to get the best care possible. A survey was performed where doctors were asked a series of questions about how they rate healthContinue reading “Doctor’s survey of Health Insurance Companies”

Don’t let Yourself Just Be a Patient

We all are tempted, especially when not feeling well, to let others take charge of our lives and healthcare, but by doing this we don’t get the best care or life. Here is a story of a woman who took charge of her care, researched her problems to find a correct diagnosis, and bettered herContinue reading “Don’t let Yourself Just Be a Patient”

A Victory for Patient Empowerment!

Patients have had more trouble lately being able to get their medical records. This is often blamed on HIPPA regulations, but as Lynsie Mae points out in her article on getting medical records , this is more of a problem with how HIPPA is interpreted by health care facilities.  Now, patients will, hopefully, not have asContinue reading “A Victory for Patient Empowerment!”