Join Us On Zoom for Art Journal Wednesday April 8th

Art helps our emotional and spiritual body speak when words feel inadequate. Symbols bind us to a universal language of humanity’s struggle. Together these form Bridges to Empowerments’ Healing Notes Project: using art, learning, and sharing to form a circle of care and kindness Join us every other Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 pm through zoom soContinue reading “Join Us On Zoom for Art Journal Wednesday April 8th”

Blossoms and Stones

My sister told me a story about an outdoor project she did with her kids to take a brief escape from Covid-19 indoor blues. After hearing it, we talked about how this story could be a metaphor for working one’s way through crisis. I asked to share her story as an illustration of some of the concepts I teach for moving through crisis. Life will give us times that are as hard as stone, but it also gives us moments between the rough that are filled with beauty and softness. It is ultimately up to us what we do with the blossoms and stones within our lives.