Bridges to Empowerments is there to help empower your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing so you can bloom out of the rough

We are Non-Profit That Brings The Support You Need To Where You Are. Regardless of if you are inside a hospital, stuck at home, or just busy handling change, support is available. Our classes, events, and coaching are all done over the phone or internet so that you get support in a way that does not add more stress to your life.

Decrease Stress and Learn Strategies and Practices To Empower Yourself Physically, Emotionally, And Spiritually

Our Classes and Group Events

Stress is a normal response to a challenging physical or emotional situation, but can become toxic when demands are out of balance with our resources for coping with it. Bridges To Empowerments is there to help link you to resources to support you in finding a new homeostasis when your life is turned upside down due to new circumstances such as a new diagnosis, a transition, or a life change. 

A drawing By One Of Our Talented Students that Drew The Giraffe as a Practice in Stretching One’s Perspective

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Our Teachers

Our instructors, ministers, and peer to peer coaches are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all of them have bloomed out of the rough to live a better and more fulfilling life and want to teach their special set of skills to you

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