The Healing Notes Project

Art helps our emotional and spiritual body speak when words feel inadequate. Symbols bind us to a universal language of humanity’s struggle. Together these form Bridges to Empowerments’ Healing Arts Project: using art, mythology, story, prayer, and meditation as a spiritual practice.

Creating art is not just for artists, it is for anybody who wants to express themselves, reduce stress, and connect to their own spirituality. Learn how art can become a spiritual practice that gives you the tools for a more empowered future. You can do these classes with simply a pencil and paper or whatever paints/pens you have. No artistic experience or talent needed. Just like life, when you are faced with a challenge, the more you break it down into small manageable parts, the easier it becomes to accomplish something amazing. This class is about using art to access your spirituality, process life, reduce stress, and learn empowerment skills and practices. 

How The Healing Notes Project Can Be A Transformational Process For Working Through Crisis 

 Art is a transformational process for the creator and the viewer. It is a nonthreatening, nonverbal form of communication that can convey the artist’s energy with each shape and color better than words alone. Art is especially valuable to children who often do not have the verbal skills needed to express their feelings adequately. 

Join Us For Our Healing Art Project Group Sessions. We also have sessions for individuals and groups for children. Check out our blog for information about upcoming group sessions or get added to our mailing list below. Our classes are offered for all, but dependent upon your donations. Most donate about 10-20 dollars per class.

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