The Healing Notes Project

Art helps our emotional and spiritual body speak when words feel inadequate. Symbols bind us to a universal language of humanity’s struggle. Together these form Bridges to Empowerments’ Healing Notes Project: using art, learning, and sharing to form a circle of care and kindness.

Join Us On Zoom For Art Journal Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm.

As our new edition to the healing notes program in the time of COVID-19, we will suspend sending out cards for creating an art journal. Every other week, we will meet via zoom to create art together and work on our own art journal. Each participant just needs an art journal and their own art supplies. If you would like to join us, please email: to get zoom call in information.

Philosophy Behind The Healing Notes Project

The philosophy behind the Healing Notes Project is that everybody has the choice to grow or decay from the adversity one faces in life. The Healing Notes Project gives people support, encouragement, and inspiration to grow from a challenge using art, sharing, inspiration, and hope. Each session, currently, will take place over a video internet call, allowing for the ability for someone to do a project over from the comfort of their home, hospital bed, or even in isolation. This takes much of the stress away of having to use limited energy, time go somewhere to get support. Each session last about 45-60 minutes and uses the participants own art supplies, but doesn’t require anything fancy.

  1. First, we will pick a symbol and look at the ways symbols can help us to tap into a universal language that transcends cultural differences to understand the common struggles that humanity has faced throughout time.
  1. We discuss how that symbol has been viewed through times a way to help inspire the human experience and give strength.
  1. In the third part of the process, participants can share their stories about what the symbols might mean to them on a personal level.
  1. The fourth part of the process, we look at how we can integrate the personal and cultural meaning of a symbol into our life at a deeper level.

At the end of of the session, the participant will have done something that will help someone else in crisis while helping themselves as well. Each participant commits to sending their picture by mail (or pick-up if at a facility) to the Healing Notes Project where we will then take the art the participant created as well as any messages of inspiration that someone wants to share with someone else and put it into a card that will go to someone in need. Once we receive the art from each participant, they will, in turn, get a card mailed to them from someone else.

How The Healing Notes Project Can Be A Transformational Process For Working Through Crisis 

 Art is a transformational process for the creator and the viewer. It is a nonthreatening, nonverbal form of communication that can convey the artist’s energy with each shape and color better than words alone. Art is especially valuable to children who often do not have the verbal skills needed to express their feelings adequately. 

The Healing Notes Outreach Program was created by Rev. Lynsie––a patient  with a life threatening, chronic illness. She found that when she was in a health crisis, typical “get well” cards did not give her the emotional and spiritual support that she needed and even served to frustrate due to her inability to get well. In working with other patients that had similar issues, she realized there was a need for cards that inspired people in times of crisis. 

If you know someone who is having a personal or medical crisis that could use a little extra support, request a Healing Note

Please Donate to support our work and cause so we can continue to bring people healing notes


Please Note: All artwork produced is donated to BTPE, and each card will display the name and story (if desired) of the artist. The Healing Notes Project is under copyright protection

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