Groups For Empowerment

We offer a range of resources and donation based group sessions to help you become spiritually, emotionally, and physically empowered during times of change. Check Out the links below for more information or to sign up. Our sessions are predominantly held online to conserve your energy and time and to be accessible to people in different locations.

This Group discusses tools and strategies for dealing with a time of crisis or life change. This group meets once every 3 months on a Wednesday at 3pm mountain time.

Draw as a spiritual practice to reduce stress and learn the core characteristics of resiliency to help reduce the risk of PTSD through times of crisis. We offer group or individual sessions that combine drawing, symbols, and mindfulness practices.

Through readings, mindfulness exercises, and group discussions we will foster a supportive environment for connecting with our feminine energy all while exploring and living beyond labels, singular identities, or static ways of being,.. and doing it unapologetically.  

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