Bridges to Empowerments (previously known as Bridges to Patient Empowerment) is a non-profit that brings the expertise from our team of ministers, doctors, nurses, patient advocates, crisis counselors, nutritionists, artists, medical consultants, and wellness coaches to people in a medical, personal, or societal crisis. Our mission is to bring inspiration, hope, education, and resources to help empower people in all aspects of their lives. We believe that when faced with any kind of a crisis that creates an imbalance in any one aspect of your life, that the homeostasis of your life is thrown off in all the other areas. However, a crisis brings us the opportunity to discover a new balance where we become more empowered in the physical, emotional, and spiritual facets of our life.

Find out more about our different programs through the tabs on the home page or contact us to see talk to someone who can help determine what programs and resources would be best for your individual needs.

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