Bridges To Faith: An Exploration of Spiritual Practices and Beliefs From All Different Religions

When in crisis, spiritual resources and strength become more important. Bridges to Faith began to create space for people who want a place to explore their spirituality to find the practices that work best for them.

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About Rev. Lynsie 

This Group was founded by Rev. Lynsie, an ordained interfaith minister, with a background in crisis counseling, hospital chaplaincy, patient advocacy, and holistic wellness.

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Art Journal Wednesday: Merging art, myth, spirituality, and mindfulness practices

Creating art is not just for artists, it is for anybody who wants to express themselves, reduce stress, and connect to their own spirituality. Learn how art can become a spiritual practice that gives you the tools for a more empowered future. You can do these classes with simply a pencil and paper or whatever paints/pens you have. No artistic experience or talent needed. Just like life, when you are faced with a challenge, the more you break it down into small manageable parts, the easier it becomes to accomplish something amazing. This class is about using art to access your spirituality, process life, reduce stress, and learn empowerment skills and practices.

No matter what your financial circumstances, you are welcome. If you can make a donation, we ask for whatever you can offer to keep our programs going.

Please use registration form below to sign up for our next Art Journal Wednesday from 5:45-7:00 pm mountain time and we will send you a zoom link to our next class or contact us for more information.

Please Donate to Keep Our Programs Going

Donate now to keep Art Journal Wednesdays, our spiritual discussion groups, and the Healing Notes Program where we help take these tools to people in hospitals and others in danger of a stress injury from a crisis or difficult time. Suggested donation of 5-10 dollars per person for each event


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