Request a Healing Note Card


  If you know someone who is having a personal or medical crisis that could use a little extra support, request a Healing Note. Healing Note card’s mission is to create cards that serve a need for saying something meaningful during difficult times. All cards have an animal or nature totem that act as a symbol for a particular quality or concept that can transform the experience of a crisis.

A Healing Note card is like giving a personalized prayer to someone who is struggling with a life transition or crisis. We also offer thank you cards that hold a special message for those who cared during a crisis.

Here is how it works:

Some of the situations these cards serve are as follows:
Car accident
Death of a loved one
Illness or serious medical complication

As well as times of transformation:
Job change
Moves of all kinds

How You Can Help Support Patient Empowerment
The Healing Notes Project and other programs run by Bridges to Patient Empowerment are funded through donations. Please consider a donation to support us

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