Tune into video on you tube channel The Spiritual Ark for times of crisis and change   Featured Image -- 651

Do you have a story to tell about a spiritual experience that came out of crisis, or a question you would like our M.Th candidate in religion to help you with? If so, please fill out the form below.

Other Resources:

  • Here is a meditation on how to work with your body to gain insight on what it needs and how better to support it. See Find your body’s1487552499026 General 
  • Article on how Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity share
    a lesson on the importance of  relinquishing desire. Read
    the full article here:  I would interpret the relinquishing of desire more like making sure your will does not overcome God’s will. It is learning not to depend on something to feel complete, but to be complete in the present moment no matter what circumstances you face. Illness and crisis teach this lesson astoundingly well. It leaves you naked of all that you thought you needed to uphold your identity and teaches one to redefine one’s self in a new way. Hopefully this definition will not be bound by human desires born out
    of attachment to an illusion of something we need. Instead, it should be a relationship to the sacred that you allow to expand your being in ways you could never have fully anticipated or imagined. This is living in God’s grace, and this is liberation from suffering.


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