The Healing Notes Outreach Program 

The Healing Notes Outreach Project project serves patients who are facing life threatening illnesses and, at the same time, fighting to live a high quality life despite circumstances that thwart this endeavor. The project’ s mission is to send out handmade cards to these patients. Each card will have a drawing of an animal and a special write-up on that particular animal. Every patient who receives a card will know that the animal on it was hand drawn by another patient or a patient’s care giver that has also faced a health crisis. The card brings the power of that animal into a situation where people often feel powerless. The write-up on each card will tell how that particular animal may emotionally and spiritually help a patient in their own unique experience of illness. Some patients who receive cards will want to participate in the program by drawing a few cards for other patients to share in another’s process of healing (regardless of the outcome of that journey). Read more here

Publications on Living Well with Chronic Illness

Please see our blog on how to live well physically, spiritually, Socially and Emotionally with chronic illness.


Upcoming Book on How to Reclaim Your CareA program detailed in a book on how to improve every aspect of your life while living with chronic illness


Please watch our video to learn more

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