Bridges to Empowerment

In order to have the best chance of surviving a chronic illness or complex medical condition, you need to be armed with medical navigation tools that will help you to reclaim your health care and your life.

Survival Tools

1) Email us to be put on our list for the upcoming book Reclaiming Your Care: A Patient’s Handbook for Medical Navigation (TM). In itThe Reclaim Your Health Care Program helps to teach patients how to reclaim their power and survive a health crisis using methods that don’t just work in theory, but in practice too. Learn more about Reclaiming Your Care here.

2) Let’s talk, is an email hotline for guidance on insights into how the medical system works, resources available, and answers to common issues when a loved one is in a medical crisis or you need help to figure out your options for your particular health situation.  Click on the Let’s talk link for more information.

3) Connection to patient advocacy services. Click on link to learn more.

If you would like more information or to make a donation so that we can provide these resources, contact

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