Connection to patient advocacy services

This non-profit will educate you on available resources. Some of the resource connection we offer is to the following:

We can connect you with health coaches that have been through the Reclaim Your Care Program to help you look at how illness has affected all the different aspects of your life through the years, and find the patterns within your life that can trigger dysfunction within your life and illness.  This process will help you to look at how illness has affected your life and come up with a plan to address all these aspects of your life.

Connections to assistance to develop a Complex Case Alert (TM). The book Reclaiming Your Care details how to create your own alert, but if you need or prefer help, we can connect you to people who can guide you through the process of creating your individualized tool that allows you to communicate your medical conditions and treatment decisions that have been determined by you and the doctors that know you best.

Connection to medical research guides. Most patient advocacy tools require that the patient or the patient advocate become fully informed because doctors do not always know what is best for the patient or can consistently keep up with new research. However, we also understand that doctors are not the only ones that have trouble keeping up on research, patients in crisis do too.  The “do your own research” solution may be feasible when a patient has only one diagnosis or condition to investigate, but quickly becomes unfeasible when trying to figure out how multiple problems interact with all a patient’s multiple body systems. It is unrealistic and dangerous to expect patients to become an “arm-chair MD” with multiple specialties when doctors go to years of medical school and specialize in just one area. The more complex a patient becomes, the harder it is to be the “expert.”  Although these professionals will never give a patient a diagnosis or any treatment plan, he or she will research medical issues to equip patients with information to help patients to help their doctors.



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