Board Members

Lynsie Buteyn 

Serves as a president of this organization. She has been managing her own medically complex condition for over twenty years. Through her experience of learning to survive the medical system as a complex patient, she has invented practices that help patients with chronic illness by developing efficient communication and healthcare facilitation strategies and resources to help support patients and people in crisis, such as the Healing Outreach Program, the Spiritual Ark, and the Patient Empowerment Program. She is passionate about developing this non-profit’s mission.

Dr. Garrett

Serves as Secretary for this organization. Garrett is a Nephrologist and Intensivist specializing in the treatment and diagnosis of patients with difficult renal metabolic issues, rare diseases, and the critically ill. He has been recognized as an outstanding physician by patients, medical staff, and in various publications. Dr. Garrett is not just known for being a great practicing doctor but for also being a great educator in the training of other doctors.

Dr. Silberman

Dr. Silberman was Chief of Neurology and Psychiatry at San Francisco Veterans Administration Hospital and has served on the faculty of Stanford and UCSF Medical Schools. He has worked in many different collaborative and independent health settings. Present interests including providing tools for better healthcare such as medical phone answers now.

Alex Walser

Serves as treasurer for this organization. He has passion for this organization’s mission of helping chronically ill patients.

Suzanne Bates

Is a director of the board and talented artist that has been a big part of the Healing Notes Outreach Program. She has experience being a health care aid and experience in art therapy.

Serena Winn

Is a director that is passionate about this organization’s mission. Her passion stems from witnessing and helping friends and family embers that were chronically or complexly ill try and wade through the medical system when they knew very little about it. As a hospital midwife and advocate for patients, she is aware of the problems caused by medical miscommunication and passionate about helping to develop solutions for patients.

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