Doctor’s survey of Health Insurance Companies




Health insurance does not just affect the lives of patients, but it affects physician’s lives as well. An informed patient will understand the ways in which insurance affects their physicians to get the best care possible. A survey was performed where doctors were asked a series of questions about how they rate health insurance companies on various tasks. Some of the highlights of this survey are as follows:


Note that insurance companies are listed in the order of how they were ranked. For specific numbers, please see study.


  • Aetna, United Health, blue plans, Cigna, Humana are the insurances that doctors accept the most in this order.
  • The health insurance companies that were voted as being the easiest to work with are as follows: Blue plans, Aetna, Cigna, and Medicare
  • The health insurance companies that formed the least number of denials are: Medicare, Blue plans, Aetna, Cigna. It may be surprising to many that Medicare is the top performer for the least amount of denials.
  • The best insurance companies for their speed in paperwork is Blue plans, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna.
  • For fast and accurate responses to questions, the top performers are: Blue plan, Aetna, Cigna
  • The top performers for precertifying and prequalifying patients are: Medicare, Blue plans, Aetna, Cigna


Check out full study Doctor’s survey of Health Insurance companies survey from July 9th to Sept. 21, 2014 on medscape



Don’t let Yourself Just Be a Patient

We all are tempted, especially when not feeling well, to let others take charge of our lives and healthcare, but by doing this we don’t get the best care or life. Here is a story of a woman who took charge of her care, researched her problems to find a correct diagnosis, and bettered her life and health as a result.


Goodsell’s story

A Victory for Patient Empowerment!

Patients have had more trouble lately being able to get their medical records. This is often blamed on HIPPA regulations, but as Lynsie Mae points out in her article on getting medical records , this is more of a problem with how HIPPA is interpreted by health care facilities.  Now, patients will, hopefully, not have as many issues getting their test results, as the HHS  announced that patients can get their lab results directly from the lab! Check out this article in USA Today on this important topic, so you can become a more empowered patient.

However, many doctors are weary about this change. In an article in the Washington Post, The American Association of Family Physicians is concerned that patients will interpret their results without a physician, and this could lead to more harm than good. We believe that patients can be educated to know to always work with a physicain  to interpret blood tests, but that patients can learn to pick up on patterns in their lab results that could act as health flags to know when they should seek help and make an appointment to see their doctor. Bridges for Patient Empowerment will work to educate patients on how to look for patterns within their lab results, contact their doctor about results, and to have better control over their symptoms. Let us know your opinion about this change.


Behind Healthcare Reform: An Insider’s View by Stan Hupfeld

A Ted Talk that is being reposted here as a resource for learning more about opinions and ideas held by experts within the medical system. This video has been featured by this orginization as a potential resource that patients may find valuable, but the author’s viewpoint is independent of this organization, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or beliefs of Bridges to Patient Empowerment.