Upcoming Healing Arts Project Community Sessions

As we welcome the spring season, join Bridges To Empowerments for a time of learning to draw or paint the butterfly as a spiritual practice. The butterfly teaches us to use the changes within our lives to propel our personal and spiritual growth. As we enter spring and leave winter behind us, it is aContinue reading “Upcoming Healing Arts Project Community Sessions”

Join Us For Learning And Sharing On Different Spiritual Practices

This is an Interfaith Group that meets the 1st Sunday of the Month at 5 pm to discuss spirituality and learn about different practices that may help you on your own spiritual path. Join us by entering you email information below to get added to our zoom meeting list.

Drawing The Dove As A Spiritual Practice In Cultivating Hope During Difficult Times

Join us Next Wednesday July 22 at 6 pm mountain time on zoom to learn how to draw a dove while also learning about the various messages the dove has inspired within various cultures and religions to teach us about creating hope during difficult times. Register for this class here or down below Creating artContinue reading “Drawing The Dove As A Spiritual Practice In Cultivating Hope During Difficult Times”

Art Journal Wednesday: Merging art, myth, spirituality, and mindfulness practices

Creating art is not just for artists, it is for anybody who wants to express themselves, reduce stress, and connect to their own spirituality. Learn how art can become a spiritual practice that gives you the tools for a more empowered future. You can do these classes with simply a pencil and paper or whateverContinue reading “Art Journal Wednesday: Merging art, myth, spirituality, and mindfulness practices”

Art Journal Wednesday: merging art, myth, and mindfulness practices

Join us May 27th at 5:45 Mountain standard time for our next session where we will be drawing the elephant as a mindfulness practice. Learn about what the elephant can teach us about managing grief and loss. Please email bridgestofaith@gmail.com to register for this class and receive zoom log in info.

Sacredness Through Art and Symbols Wednesday The 29th

Explore how the hummingbird helps our reliance in challenging times, draw your own sacred hummingbird, and share with others Wednesday the 29th at 5:45 pm mountain time. Art helps our emotional and spiritual body to speak when words are inadequate. Symbols bind us to a universal language of humanity’s struggle. Together these form Bridges to EmpowermentsContinue reading “Sacredness Through Art and Symbols Wednesday The 29th”