Upcoming Healing Arts Project Community Sessions

As we welcome the spring season, join Bridges To Empowerments for a time of learning to draw or paint the butterfly as a spiritual practice. The butterfly teaches us to use the changes within our lives to propel our personal and spiritual growth. As we enter spring and leave winter behind us, it is a great time to think about what beliefs or behaviors we would like to leave behind and what new ways of being we would like to foster moving forward. Learn about the symbology, stories, and mythology behind the butterfly as you draw the butterfly to help support your growth.

To sign up for one of our zoom sessions on the butterfly, click on link below to RSVP for time that works best for you and we will send you a zoom link for that date

Adult Group Sessions

For Wednesday May 19th at 6 pm mountain time click here

For Sunday May 16th at 2 pm mountain time click here

Butterfly Session for children and teens

For Sunday May 16th times for children and teens click here

Published by Bridges to Empowerment

A non-profit that supports people's empowerment during times of crisis

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