Art Journal Wednesday: Merging art, myth, spirituality, and mindfulness practices

Creating art is not just for artists, it is for anybody who wants to express themselves, reduce stress, and connect to their own spirituality. Learn how art can become a spiritual practice that gives you the tools for a more empowered future. You can do these classes with simply a pencil and paper or whatever paints/pens you have. No artistic experience or talent needed. Just like life, when you are faced with a challenge, the more you break it down into small manageable parts, the easier it becomes to accomplish something amazing. This class is about using art to access your spirituality, process life, reduce stress, and learn empowerment skills and practices. 

Please use registration form below to sign up for our next Art Journal Wednesday from 5:45-7:00 pm mountain time on June 24th, and we will send you a zoom link to our next class or contact us for more information. Everyone is welcome, but donations appreciated.

This next session, we will learn about how drawing the giraffe becomes a Practice in Gaining Perspective. This giraffe was drawn by one of our program participants to help her see life from a different viewpoint.

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A non-profit that supports people's empowerment during times of crisis

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