A Victory for Patient Empowerment!

Patients have had more trouble lately being able to get their medical records. This is often blamed on HIPPA regulations, but as Lynsie Mae points out in her article on getting medical records , this is more of a problem with how HIPPA is interpreted by health care facilities.  Now, patients will, hopefully, not have as many issues getting their test results, as the HHS  announced that patients can get their lab results directly from the lab! Check out this article in USA Today on this important topic, so you can become a more empowered patient.

However, many doctors are weary about this change. In an article in the Washington Post, The American Association of Family Physicians is concerned that patients will interpret their results without a physician, and this could lead to more harm than good. We believe that patients can be educated to know to always work with a physicain  to interpret blood tests, but that patients can learn to pick up on patterns in their lab results that could act as health flags to know when they should seek help and make an appointment to see their doctor. Bridges for Patient Empowerment will work to educate patients on how to look for patterns within their lab results, contact their doctor about results, and to have better control over their symptoms. Let us know your opinion about this change.


Published by Bridges to Empowerment

A non-profit that supports people's empowerment during times of crisis

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