Doctor’s survey of Health Insurance Companies




Health insurance does not just affect the lives of patients, but it affects physician’s lives as well. An informed patient will understand the ways in which insurance affects their physicians to get the best care possible. A survey was performed where doctors were asked a series of questions about how they rate health insurance companies on various tasks. Some of the highlights of this survey are as follows:


Note that insurance companies are listed in the order of how they were ranked. For specific numbers, please see study.


  • Aetna, United Health, blue plans, Cigna, Humana are the insurances that doctors accept the most in this order.
  • The health insurance companies that were voted as being the easiest to work with are as follows: Blue plans, Aetna, Cigna, and Medicare
  • The health insurance companies that formed the least number of denials are: Medicare, Blue plans, Aetna, Cigna. It may be surprising to many that Medicare is the top performer for the least amount of denials.
  • The best insurance companies for their speed in paperwork is Blue plans, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna.
  • For fast and accurate responses to questions, the top performers are: Blue plan, Aetna, Cigna
  • The top performers for precertifying and prequalifying patients are: Medicare, Blue plans, Aetna, Cigna


Check out full study Doctor’s survey of Health Insurance companies survey from July 9th to Sept. 21, 2014 on medscape



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