Downsizing Resources for Seniors to Help Guide Them Through the Process

By Andrea Needham

Downsizing Resources for Seniors to Help Guide Them Through the Process

Downsizing is oft-recommended for seniors, and for some very good reasons. Moving into a smaller home packed with the living features that you need in a city like Denver can take much of the worries and responsibilities of maintaining a larger one out of your hands. Moreover, it can also provide opportunities to stretch your retirement dollars, so you can maintain or even improve quality of life. Here’s how you can get started.

Planning the Transition

Healthcare Costs for Seniors

Get to Know Denver’s Housing Market (Homes Sell for $423k on Average)

Paying for Long-Term Care Using Your Home Equity

Choosing the Right Home

Nine Reasons Aging in Place May Not Be Right for You

Differences Between Senior Housing and Assisted Living

Tips on How to Start Your Senior Living Search

Closing a Chapter

The Ultimate Checklist for Seniors Downsizing

Preserving Keepsakes While Downsizing

Find Affordable Storage in Denver, Starts at $1

Making the big move

Need Help Downsizing? A Senior Move Manager Can Simplify Your Move

The Cost of Moving in Denver ($600 to $1,638 on Average)

How to Adjust After Moving to Independent Living

The success of your downsizing efforts starts with having the right mindset to see it through. Having the right resources to guide you isn’t all that bad as a bonus, either. So, keep your eyes on the prize and heed these tips. Your quality of life in your golden years depends on it!

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