The cost to states that did not expand medicaid

Research  shows that 14,000 people would be alive if states that refused to expand their medicaid had done so. If  states were to fully expand Medicaid, the benefits would include: Additional lives saved per year: 14,361 Additional infant lives saved per year: 141 Additional early-stage cancer diagnoses per year: 5,034 Reduction in uninsured opioid-related hospitalizationsContinue reading “The cost to states that did not expand medicaid”

If you have a pre-existing condition your healthcare is under attack

If you are one of the 50 million American with a pre-existing condition, your right to be insured is under attack. The Trump administration is seeking to invalidate the pre-existing condition protections within the Affordable Care Act ( ACA). 27% of adults under age 65 have a pre-existing condition could be uninsurable in the nextContinue reading “If you have a pre-existing condition your healthcare is under attack”

Why choice in healthcare is decreasing

As it stands now, the government pays a private insurance company for your healthcare if you are on medicaid. Private health insurance companies are therefore growing from expanded medicaid programs. Many are increasing profits at higher rates than expected. This is allowing big insurance companies to buy out smaller companies, and this is where yourContinue reading “Why choice in healthcare is decreasing”