Tips for Getting Take-Out Food In The Time Of COVID-19

Today’s tip is laced with good news. Do you like eating out? Do you miss your favorite restaurants? In the time of COVID-19, you can still often dine on your favorite foods at home. Although restaurants are closed to the public, many are still cooking for take-out and sometimes will even deliver. Ordering food from them is a great way to help your local restaurants stay in business during this time. If you are nervous to eat food prepared by someone else in the time of COVID-19, you are not alone, I am one of them. However, experts have stated that they believe there is very little risk of becoming infected through food because your gastric juice would kill the virus even if it was in your food. But, a lot still remains unknown and the risk is not zero. Plus, we if you are reading this, chances are you are in a group of people that are at risk if you get this disease and maybe low risk is not good enough for you. I’ll be honest I’m uncomfortable with anyone I don’t trust preparing my food in this time. It is up to you what level of risk you want to take, but here is what I do to decrease risk even more while not sacrificing my favorite foods to dine in on. Any prepared food I take into my house, I empty out of its to go carton into a pot or microwave/ oven safe dish. I then throw away the container, wipe up any counter areas the outside container touched with a disinfectant, and then wash my hands for while completing the happy birthday song twice. I then reheat the food in the microwave, oven, or stove. In the microwave at least a minute. On the stove until it boils or the oven on low heat unit warmed but not burnt.

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